• Rick Clark, a key partner in Big Pine Creek Watershed efforts, received the 2019 Field to Market Farmer of the Year award for his commitment to delivering continuous improvement in soil health and related regenerative outcomes.

  • Congratulations to Ceres Solutions Cooperative for winning the Indiana Association of Conservation Districts Conservation Friend of the Year Award


  • Steve Wallpe, a Benton County Farmer, was awarded Field to Market’s 2016 Famer Spotlight Award for being a trailblazer in cover crop adoption. Steve plants around 2,000 acres of covers crops and has overcome many challenges in establishing this practice in his operation. His consistent efforts have been a model for the work being done in the county and watershed.


  • Mike Conner received the 2017 Farmer Spotlight award from Field to Market for his long-term efforts in no-till, conservation practices, and his newly adopted cover crop practices. Mike has a long history in conservation efforts with an interest that began when he was young to preserve the soil health of their family’s farms.

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